3 Ideas for Authentic Alumni Engagement

Treatment centers understand the importance of staying connected and engaged with alumni.  Outreach efforts like emails, phone calls, social posts all serve to keep our treatment centers top of mind with alumni. Real engagement with your alumni does not happen by accident. Experts have found that if you want to establish authentic engagement, then 80% of your posts need to inform or entertain your alumni. One time-tested way to entertain is to make your posts “uniquely you.” Let’s look at a few ways that you can take the unique personality of your treatment center and use it to truly engage with your alumni.

Take a walk around campus and snap pictures of places that are special to your alumni. This could be a piece of artwork that symbolizes hope and healing a bench overlooking a fountain or a special quote that’s posted as you enter your facility. We all have these special places on campus that bring back memories for our alumni. Don’t worry about making these professional quality photos, using your phone will create more authentic and relatable content. Once you have 5-7 photos, post them once per week or every other week to your social accounts or your CaredFor alumni app.

Look around and soak up all of the unique staff members on campus and think about how they have formed important memories for your alumni. Everyone from therapists and gardeners to food service workers make an impact on your alumni. Take a photo of your “legacy” staff members and ask them why they are working at the treatment center. Bonus points if your treatment center has a couple of four legged friends who are part of the team. Sometimes the true impact of a workers’ smile or the unconditional love of a campus pet is not fully realized until your alumni leave campus. Share these stories with your alumni and watch the likes/comments pour in.

Traditions are another unique part of your treatment centers. Each campus has traditions and these traditions become part of the treatment experience for your alumni. Identifying and sharing these traditions with your alumni provides a sense of belonging and comfort. Highlighting traditions allows your alumni to pause and reflect on how much they have changed in the months and years post-treatment.

The next time you are sending out an alumni email or posting on social, remember that you are more likely to create authentic engagement by showcasing the many places, people, and traditions that make your treatment center unique and special. Share these memories often with your alumni so they can continue to reconnect with your facility and with each other.

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