3 Reasons to Prioritize Launching Your Online Alumni Community

As part of the Alumni team you are constantly juggling priorities. It’s difficult to find the time necessary to provide support and resources for alumni, let alone work on long-term strategic objectives. So why should you work to launch an online alumni community like CaredFor next month rather than next quarter or next year? Our customers have found that when they made launching their CaredFor alumni community a priority they saw engagement rates increase, other outreach activities were more impactful, and it saved their alumni team much needed time.

We know that alumni engagement drops off significantly in the first year, in fact more than 80% of alumni are not connected to their treatment center after 12 months. In order to provide support and resources to your alumni, you must stay connected with them the moment they leave treatment. With CaredFor your alumni are getting access to a dynamic, always-on community where they can find the support, encouragement and a sense of belonging that’s desperately needed for those in early recovery. It’s important to act soon, to provide your alumni with the tools necessary so they can begin to build their life in recovery.  Every month you are losing touch with your alumni, which means they are more vulnerable to relapse and you have less of an opportunity to turn them into a brand ambassador for alumni referrals.

By using CaredFor you can expect to see improvements with your other alumni engagement channels, like phone calls and events.

By using CaredFor you can expect to see improvements with your other alumni engagement channels, like phone calls and events. Studies have shown that if you can provide value to your alumni, they are more likely to stay connected and engaged. With CaredFor your alumni are connecting on a regular basis with your treatment center through valuable content, recovery inspirations, focused conversations, sober birthday celebrations and more. Because your alumni are staying connected and engaged from the moment they leave treatment, they are more likely to connect during phone follow ups or attend alumni events.

We are all short on time, there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done. CaredFor helps to make alumni engagement more impactful while saving time. Our app makes it easy to automatically send out notifications, valuable content, and event reminders to your alumni. CaredFor can also help you prioritize alumni follow up calls so you can reach those who need help right now. Being able to automate many of your tasks is going to allow you to spend more time reaching out directly to alumni in need, providing them the support and resources to help them in early recovery.

Launching a new alumni initiative may sound ambitious, but our team has the experience to guide you through the process. We have established best practices based on our experience launching Alumni communities that will set the stage for your successful launch. By prioritizing CaredFor for your alumni you will see that engagement rates will increase, event attendance and phone connect rates will improve, and you can focus more time providing personalized support to your alumni.

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