3 Rules To Follow When Launching Any New Project

The path to launch any new project is oftentimes rocky. Whether you’re rolling out a new CMS for your website or undergoing a marketing rebrand, you’re going to encounter obstacles along the way. Over the past 3 months our team has onboarded nearly a dozen addiction treatment centers on our alumni engagement app. We wanted to share 3 characteristics of a successful project launch based on our experience.

Identify the internal champion

If you’re lacking an internal champion, then the project could easily get derailed. The job of the internal champion is to lead the project through implementation, serve as the designated point of contact with external and internal stakeholders, and relay the project vision to the organization. When issues arise, the internal champion knows how to address them. This person also streamlines communication between employees and vendors, thus eliminating potential issues.

Create a plan

This may sound obvious, but this step is usually overlooked. Create a plan, document the plan, and share it with stakeholders. The purpose of the plan is to inform the group on what you’re trying to accomplish, how you’re going to accomplish it, the timeframe, and who’s responsible. As you create a plan you should gather feedback from internal and external stakeholders. That process will help you to align interests and get buy-in.

Meet often to share feedback

Some projects may take several months (luckily ours takes less than 2 weeks) to fully implement. If issues arise, vacations come up, or there are changes in staff the project could be delayed. By creating a regular cadence for meetings with key stakeholders (both internal and external) you’re able to get ahead of potential setbacks. These meetings should continue for a period of time post-launch. The post-launch meetings allow the team to provide implementation and product feedback, which could speed-up resolution timelines.

At CaredFor we’ve developed a comprehensive process to train, onboard, and support our clients. Our goal is to relieve our clients from the basic administration of the app and allow them to focus on what’s most important.

About CaredFor:

CaredFor helps addiction treatment centers improve alumni engagement through its client-branded app. By using the app, treatments can more effectively connect, engage, and influence their alumni - leading to improved outcomes and increased referrals. We’re focused on providing tools which help you to build a strong alumni community through support, encouragement, and most importantly a sense of belonging for your alumni

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