CaredFor Turned 1 and We Forgot to Celebrate!

It happened so fast and passed without even an acknowledgement - CaredFor turned 1 in May. As we were sitting in the office this past week we were reminded of the importance of celebrating those milestones. So here we are with some highlights from the past year.

Is that all it does?

When you spend months building the first version of your product you tend to get attached and think it’s the most novel invention. As I look back on screenshots and think about early demos I’m shocked our demos lasted longer than 2 minutes, because the app had so few features! I remember one early demo where a prospect set my phone down and said, “is that all it does?” Rest assured, the app is quite robust now with features that drive consistent engagement and retention.

They’re really using it!

A few weeks ago we created a new feature, a sobriety counter. It was a simple feature, but one that’s extremely important, especially for those in early recovery. We launched the feature to our clients and didn’t include any detailed instructions. Almost immediately our reporting showed it was being used actively by almost all our customers. We sat there for a moment, smiling at the thought that what we’re building each day in our office, in front of our computers, is really making a difference.

That’s a great idea!

Almost daily I talk to our customers. The purpose of those conversations is to find out what’s working, what could be improved, and what’s missing. Sometimes those calls lead to real “aha moments.” Several weeks ago we had one of those moments with a customer which led to ways to help a new segment of the population. We’re thankful to our customers for their willingness to be a true partner! 

We want to thank our customers, advisors, investors, and all the professionals we’ve met this past year. We appreciate your trust, patience, and guidance. We’re looking forward to another great year, but this time we’re going to slow down and celebrate those milestones!

Team CaredFor

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