Client Spotlight - Mirmont

The CaredFor app helps addiction treatment centers create lasting relationships with their alumni, patients and families. CaredFor powers the app used by Mirmont Treatment Center/Main Line Health to engage their alumni and family members.

Over the last few months Mirmont has seen over 20 alumni reach out via the app to initiate readmission after a relapse episode.

While we hope that each person who engages in substance abuse treatment will achieve long-term recovery, we also know that relapse happens. When it does, we know that intervention and resources as quickly as possible are important to reduce additional consequences (physical, legal, social, mental, emotional, etc.) and risks. The CaredFor app has features built into the product to aid a user in quickly reaching the facility. Additionally, we have admin features to help identify those users that may be struggling.

Private Messaging - Our private messaging feature allows communication between admins and users. Mirmont users have used this feature to specifically reach out to indicate relapse and seek re-admission.

SOS - We have a built in SOS button for treatment facilities to input a crisis hotline phone number. When a user taps the SOS button their phone immediately launches the phone dialer. Many of our clients input their admissions phone number or other phone line that is monitored 24/7 to easily connect users with help.

Stream - Our stream allows users to post about what’s going on with them. Many users feel comfortable posting relapse episodes, cravings, thoughts of using and other difficult situations right inside the app where admins and users can offer support and encouragement. Time and again we hear from our clients and their users that the app feels “safe” enough to post such sensitive information and the app is preferred over other forms of social media, including Facebook.

Surveys - Many of our clients use the survey functionality to deploy surveys about overall wellness. App admins are able to view survey results in real-time and respond to any red flags (high depression, thoughts of using, cravings, low confidence in the ability to remain sober). We have specifically seen our clients use survey feedback to reach out to users and intervene/prevent relapse.

Behavior Indicators - Additionally, our team at CaredFor tracks key indicators of users exhibiting “slipping” behavior, including last login to the app, last post, last reaction. Our team is able to surface these red flags to admins at the facility to prompt appropriate follow-up.

We are inspired by the dedication Mirmont shows to their alumni and family members. We are proud to partner with Mirmont.