Client Spotlight - Mt. Sinai

The CaredFor app has clinical tools built in. Our survey functionality makes it easy to collect satisfaction, wellness, and outcomes data.  

Surveys deployed in the CaredFor app have up to a 40% completion rate.

CaredFor powers the Mt. Sinai Wellness Center app to engage their alumni. Mt. Sinai recently launched their app with great success and adoption. Shortly after launch, a wellness survey was deployed to app users. As the admins received the results from the survey they were able to flag and follow-up with alumni who were struggling with depression, anxiety, and low confidence in their ability to remain sober.


We’ve seen the survey feature used to surface app users who are struggling, who need to seek readmission to treatment, or who need to be connected to additional support and resources. Our survey feature is built to give app admins flexibility in question types, survey types, and to whom the survey should be sent (individual or group).

Our survey feature supports many different types of questions, including:

  • Open ended

  • Scale

  • Multiple choice (less than 5 choices)

  • Picklist (5+ choices)

Additionally, CaredFor developed a sample survey engine. These sample surveys are a starting point for our clients to begin building and deploying their own surveys inside the app. Our sample surveys include:

  • Admissions

  • Alumni Events

  • Family Satisfaction

  • Client Satisfaction

  • Outcomes

  • Wellness

To learn more about how the survey functionality of the app can support your organizations initiatives request a demo at