Client Spotlight: Pinnacle Fellowship

We at CaredFor are immensely grateful for our wonderful clients, one of whom is Pinnacle Treatment Centers. Recently, our client at Pinnacle, Joi Honer, came to us with a great idea called “12 Gifts of Recovery.” Joi took the premise of “The 12 Days of Christmas” and modified it to celebrate 12 ways in which recovery is a gift. A couple examples of this are “restored hope and faith” and “a path to grow.” 



When Joi came to us with this creative and innovative idea, we were more than happy to make it come to life. We partnered with Joi to create the graphics for each day in the series for inclusion in the app. The outcome is a series that we are both really proud of and hope to continue in years to come.

Here’s to Joi and the team at Pinnacle! Happy Holidays!