Client Spotlight - Rosecrance

What makes a client successful?

What makes a client successful? This is a question our team often hears. With nearly 75 programs and thousands of users, we’ve created an ideal customer profile. That profile outlines the key components and activities that set our successful clients apart. Rosecrance {} is one client, who from day one, has excelled at driving engagement and adoption of their CaredFor app. By following this simple plan Rosecrance has built a powerful community of alumni.

Assign a Product Champion

Every new product or initiative needs someone to lead it. That leader helps to promote the product throughout the organization, serves as a central point of contact for feedback and helps to remove any roadblocks. At Rosecrance, an organization with multiple locations, they’ve created a network of product champions which have been critical in ensuring the success of CaredFor.

Integrate the App into Your Program

The CaredFor platform has been shown to achieve impressive results for our treatment center clients. In order to achieve that level of success the app needs to be integrated into the program. For residential programs, the app is used for alumni engagement and introduced as part of their aftercare plan. Our IOP clients use the app for patient engagement and to onboard patients during the intake process. Every week Rosecrance is adding a steady stream of users because the app has become part of their discharge process.


Be Active and Authentic

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say on social media. Personal and authentic posts help to set the tone for the group and encourage others to participate. Sharing something personal doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Our gratitude journal feature helps to get conversations started. The team at Rosecrance is active in the app and aren’t afraid to share a post or comment/like a post from alumni. These interactions show their alumni that they’re being heard and they matter.

The entire CaredFor team is thrilled to be working with Rosecrance. It’s inspiring to see a team who is so dedicated to the lives of their clients. They’ve also been a valuable advocate for our product as well as a source of feedback for product development.