How We Created Our 2017 Product Roadmap

Excitement, anticipation, and persistence are a few words that describe 2016 for the team at CaredFor. We launched CaredFor in June of 2016 and quickly got to work meeting with leaders in the addiction treatment space as we worked to gather feedback on our product. It was through those conversations and pilots that we were able to create the first version of our app and narrow our focus to help addiction treatment facilities connect, engage, and influence their alumni, leading to improved outcomes and increased referrals. We wanted to take some time to share our 2017 product roadmap with you and tell you why we believe CaredFor is a critical tool for your treatment center.

We founded CaredFor because we felt that support and encouragement is a critical component of the recovery process. As we started working with treatment centers and sharing that vision we began to explore how our software could help alumni as they continue their recovery post-treatment. We learned that alumni are self-organizing on platforms like Facebook, but treatment centers recognized the limits and concerns of promoting Facebook for alumni groups.

The result of those conversations was the first version of our app - a white-label app branded as the treatment center and used by their alumni to offer peer support and stay connected with the treatment center. Recovery specific features like inspirations, sober birthdays, and recovery topics help to focus the conversation to provide real value to those in recovery. The app is modeled after traditional social networking sites with posts, reaction, comments, replies, and notifications. Additional features like promoted posts, announcements, and event reminders help the treatment center better connect with their alumni. Our analytics suite tracks engagement with the goal of helping treatment centers identify those who are at risk of a relapse and those who are alumni ambassadors.

If you’re interested in test-driving the CaredFor app from the alumni perspective, just choose the "request access" option.

Download the CaredFor App

So far we’ve launched our app with several customers and they’re excited to be offering this tool to their alumni. Our clients believe this tool can help to:

  • Provide alumni with a support network post-treatment

  • Enhance alumni communication

  • Promote recovery with alumni

  • Create a tool to help alumni make referrals when necessary

As we build our product roadmap for 2017 we have 3 themes to guide us:

  1. Continually incorporate feedback from end users and treatment centers as we review current features and develop new ones.

  2. Alumni find immediate value from the app and it inspires them to use it as part of their recovery.

  3. By using CaredFor, treatment centers are better able to support their alumni, leading to improved outcomes and increased referrals.

Our team believes we’ve just started this journey and know that by working with innovative partners we can create a product that makes a difference in the lives of those suffering from addiction.

Want to learn more about CaredFor? Join us for a demo! We host them twice per week and they last less than 30 minutes.