Client Spotlight - Retreat

CaredFor recently launched a new product called CaredFor Connect, an SMS/text messaging feature. CaredFor Connect is ideal for several use cases:

  1. Provide value to subscribers before transitioning them to a broader platform like the CaredFor app.

  2. Provide value to those who do not wish to download an app.

  3. Provide value to those who have limited data plans or phone storage.

One of our clients, Retreat, provides free education within their communities around a variety of topics related to substance use disorders. We partnered with Retreat to develop a cadence of content for these events. During the presentations Retreat shares their keyword and short code with each audience. Subscribers begin receiving valuable content immediately including: inspirational quotes, videos, links and media resources - many of which direct subscribers to Retreat’s website specifically. With each text, Retreat positions themselves as the go-to expert in their community for substance use disorders.


We are proud to partner with Retreat on this pilot use case of CaredFor Connect.