Part 2: Understanding Compliance Apps and How Addiction Treatment Centers Are Using Them

This is the second article in our series on how technology is changing the ways addiction recovery centers engage alumni, track compliance, and increase referrals. In the first article we discussed how technology has influenced alumni communication. In this article we’ll be exploring compliance apps and how addiction recovery providers are starting to adopt them.


Research shows that as many as 60% of those in recovery relapse during their first year. As a provider you’re continually looking for ways to improve outcomes. Improving outcomes saves lives and helps to grow your facility. With the proliferation of apps, how can technology aid in providing treatment facilities with tools to track compliance for their alumni?

When evaluating providers you should consider the following:

  • HIPAA - This should be standard, but make sure your contract states HIPAA compliance and if necessary, signing a BAA with your facility.

  • Integrations - What integrations does this vendor offer? Having to duplicate work is tedious and your team might not adopt the use of the platform if their workload increase significantly.

  • Provider Effort - Every new tool is going to require some administration by your team. The question is how much? Get the vendor to provide you with some comparables with other facilities. A significant increase in effort on your part will increase the overall cost (direct and indirect) of the project.

  • Privacy and Tracking Features - We’ve all seen the apps which track your location; are you near a bar or other location which could trigger a relapse. Your alumni may not want to be tracked and if they are tracked, how is that data being used.

  • Branding - In most cases these app are branded as the vendor. Treatment facilities need to be aware that if you’re paying for this app, which is branding as the vendor, you’re promoting another brand. Your alumni are now interacting with that brand which may dilute the experience you’ve provided them with.  

  • Data Ownership - Is the vendor using data to improve outcomes for all of its clients, or is your data exclusive to you. How else is the vendor using data; is there data mining and reselling occurring?

Compliance Apps:

​What about CaredFor?

We’re not a compliance product, our product is focused on alumni and family engagement. The platform allows the treatment center to create private, invite-only, groups connecting alumni to alumni and those supporting alumni is their own online support groups. CaredFor is only the technology provider; the platform is branded as the treatment center. Within the platform users can participate in discussions, share updates, connect with other alumni, be presented with relevant content, signup for events at the treatment center, and easily make referrals for those seeking treatment.

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