Top 10 Reasons to Stay Active in a Support Community

Every detox program emphasizes regular human support for maintaining long-term sobriety. But after you’ve been doing well for a while, it can be tempting to let your support network slide to the bottom of the priorities list.  

Don’t. Successful long-term recovery is inseparable from an effective support community, because:

1. A support community reminds you that your struggles aren’t the whole world. If you leave mental space only for focus on your own concerns, you’ll probably relapse into taking minor setbacks personally and self-medicating your stress.

2. A support community provides you with positive examples. By staying in contact with others who’ve overcome their struggles, you’ll gain confidence that you can do the same.

3. A support community can see things in you that you can’t see in yourself. Most of us have a distorted picture of how fast (or slowly) we’re changing for the better and of what we can “handle.” Outside input counterbalances discouragement with encouragement, and overconfidence with tough love.

4. A support community reminds you that others care and understand. “No one cares or understands” is a frequent emotional factor in both addiction and relapse. Expressed empathy, especially from others who have personally felt the problem, provides encouragement to not give up.

5. A support community provides a source of stability. Regularity in meetings and program agendas renews strength and confidence to face an unpredictable world.

6. A support community provides opportunities to put your feelings into words. Often, we don’t really understand what triggers our dangerous behavior. Regularly talking about your feelings helps you see better how to head off unexpected trouble.

7. A support community reminds you to watch for danger. Most relapses happen when someone starts looking back at the “addicted” life through “good old days” lenses, and forgets how bad things really got. Hearing others discuss their struggles keeps you aware of what you don’t want to return to.

8. A support community provides hope for the future. If you’re tempted to think nothing will ever change, your support community provides regular encouragement to see beyond that and keep your growth momentum up.

9. A support community fosters empathy. Helping others—even with just a quiet listening ear—gives your soul a boost that makes you feel an important part of a larger world.

10. A support community makes you part of a larger purpose. Every addiction support community has some focus on helping the rest of the world. You are part of a movement that is changing everything for the better—which is a solid motivation to remain true to your best self.

How does CaredFor help?

With CaredFor, treatment centers can offer an online support community for their patients, alumni, and families. The opposite of addiction is connection. CaredFor helps to form those connections in a meaningful way with features built for those in recovery or supporting someone who is.

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