What I Learned at Moments of Change

Moments of Change celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, bringing together a diverse group of treatment professionals from across the country. This was my first time attending Moments of Change and I wanted to share some my experiences about the people, sessions, and activities surrounding the event.

Upon entering The Breakers, it was clear that Moments of Change is an event that encourages networking and collaboration. There were a number of specific networking events aimed at fostering relationships and sharing experiences. I specifically enjoyed the Speed Networking Event put on by the Foundations Team. I met a number of passionate and knowledgeable people that I may not otherwise had the opportunity to connect with. It was also great to meet so many of our customers and thank them for the opportunity to serve their alumni.

There were many different types of sessions focused on clinical, legal, marketing, and operational topics. I spent most of my time at sessions dealing with marketing and operational opportunities. I’ve always enjoyed the sessions lead by Daniel Gemp and the Dreamscape Marketing team. This particular session was about how to deal with partners and key employees who leave and start their own treatment program in the same area. One of the key assets that a treatment program can build (and no one can take away) is a strong alumni program that drives testimonials, brand awareness, and referrals.

There were many types of events and activities both during the conference and in the evening.  Jamie Vance and the Journey Pure team put on an amazing cigar event that was very well attended. The highlight for me was talking to Alan Trobman the Senior Director of Clinical Services at Retreat. We were talking about alumni engagement and he showed me the app they were using to better serve their alumni. Alan did not know that CaredFor powered their alumni app, but was a strong supporter and shared some powerful examples of how CaredFor supports their alumni.

I’ve been to many conferences over the years across several industries and had pretty low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of conversations both in networking events as well as in the sessions. People were engaged and interested in finding ways to better serve their patients and alumni. As our customer base continues to rapidly expand it also gives us an opportunity to connect with the professionals we have the opportunity to serve on a daily basis.