What is Engagement Data and How Can it Improve Your Online Alumni Community?

Collecting data is a standard practice for most of the apps we use. That data is used to provide the user with insights, improve the product/service, or help to generate revenue for the publisher. When we started working with addiction treatment centers, some of their first questions were about data. They wanted to know what data our app is collecting and how we’re using it. During those early conversations we explained our strategy to collect engagement data and to use that data to provide the addiction treatment facility with actionable insights. In order to build a successful online Alumni program, you must first understand what engagement data is and how to gain insights from it.

Engagement data includes logins, posts, reactions, comments, profile completeness and characteristics which help us to identify to what level the user is connected to the community you’re building. Engagement and its measurement is a critical factor for online alumni communities. Our product isn’t a compliance tool, so we’re not interested in location tracking or sleep cycles. We believe that a connected group of alumni, who are motivated to support each other, can help to promote sobriety and improve outcomes. Having the ability to analyze our various engagement components helps us to improve the user experience and create new tools which further our mission.

Once you’ve started collecting data, the challenge becomes “what does the data mean”? Having a lot of raw data doesn’t make your job easier and in many cases doesn’t provide any real value to helping you execute on your strategy. As a manager, you need to rely on a tool which is able to generate reports and provides those insights, rather than combing through spreadsheets. Through conversations with clients we’ve identified a number of key reports which help to deliver actionable information for supporting your alumni. These include alumni at risk for relapse, alumni who are brand ambassadors, which discussions are most active, what is the sentiment of the responses, along with standard reports like frequency of logins, and number of posts, reactions, and comments. The finished product helps you to judge the health of your online alumni community and gives you the ability to respond in a way which furthers the mission to promote recovery and improve outcomes.

What about CaredFor?

The CaredFor app helps addiction treatment centers to connect, engage, and influence their alumni, leading to improved outcomes and increased referrals. Our app is branded as the treatment center and offers a sober community for alumni to form connections throughout their recovery. With features created specifically for the recovery community, the CaredFor app is more than a private Facebook group. Included in our app is an analytics suite which helps treatment centers to learn more about their alumni, create impactful content, and identify alumni who are brand ambassadors.

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