What We're Grateful For

Our team has been talking about gratitude around the office as we have been developing an exciting new set of features. There is overwhelming evidence that ties an attitude of gratitude to improved physical health, emotional well being, and overall sense of contentment. As part of my personal effort to be more grateful, I wanted to share what I am grateful for as the Co-Founder of CaredFor. We’ve had a very successful year at CaredFor, but that would not have been possible without our Customers, Users, and Team members.

We have been very fortunate to find many customers who want to partner with us to better serve their alumni. In the early days, when the product was new, customers like Ashley Addiction Treatment and Sabino Recovery believed in the mission and saw the value that we can bring to their alumni.  As we continued to build out the product we listened to Beau Malatesta at Ashley and Meg McKenna at Florida House Experience, and others, who gave us invaluable feedback to make CaredFor an even more valuable tool for alumni engagement. Without our customers who are willing to invest the time and share their experiences, we would not be as far along as we are today.

When we started CaredFor our goal was to make alumni engagement more impactful and to provide support and resources to alumni. Without the thousands of alumni and patients who use our platform everyday, we would not have been successful. To hear the life changing stories of how alumni use the app, inspires us to move faster because we know what is at stake. As Janice Ballinger from Retreat Premier Addiction Center says “I honestly believe that CaredFor has saved lives and prevented relapse.” We are humbled by those words and inspired by the feedback from alumni who use CaredFor as part of their long term recovery journey.

There is a lot of risk involved with joining a start-up company. We came in with a vision of how we could improve the lives of alumni and add value to treatment programs and knew it would mean hard work and sacrifice. Over the past year our team has continually stepped up to the plate to execute on the vision. It has not been easy and there have been some mis-steps along the way from sales calls that fell flat and new features that did not get traction to missed opportunities to make customers successful. We know that there will be setbacks, but our team is committed and that means we learn from our mistakes and keep on working hard for our customers and their alumni.

From the outside success may look easy, but once you see the inner struggles and setbacks you realize the amount of work it takes. Honestly, I’m grateful for these setbacks. Without these challenges, I would take things for granted. As we look to the New Year, I know there will be more challenges and setbacks but with the support of our customers and team members we will continue on our mission. We are grateful for everyone who has played a role in our success and we look forward to serving tens of thousands alumni and patients in 2018.