Residential Treatment

CaredFor helps residential treatment centers to improve outcomes, increase referrals, collect outcomes data and build brand awareness. We provide the support, encouragement and resources needed in early recovery to improve outcomes.

Outpatient Treatment

Staying engaged with patients during treatment helps to improve retention, drives re-engagement and improves the overall patient experience. Your clients need an always-on platform to support them during outpatient treatment.

Family Support

Families play a critical role in all phases of treatment. Strong family engagement helps to reduce AMA’s and significantly improves referrals to friends and relatives. Staying engaged and supporting families creates advocates for your program and improves outcomes.

Lead Generation for Treatment Programs

Lead generation for treatment programs is often a high priority for facilities. As a treatment center, your goals involve helping your clients as much as you can and reaching out to as many people as possible. What if there was a way to do both at once? The CaredFor platform may be your solution.

Improve Your Patient’s Experience

We’ve designed our technological solutions for addiction treatment centers to allow facilities to offer support at any point in a patient’s recovery. With the ability to send private messages or appointment reminders, your rehab center will always be in touch with patients and vice versa. Additional features such as challenges, gratitude journals, and treatment progress tracking build lasting engagement. We also have a robust content library that is full of podcasts, videos, articles, and books to help support and encourage your patients.

“We’ve created an app your patients are excited to use, which decrease attrition, improves outcomes, and saves staff time.”

Save Staff Time

Need to alert all of your patients that your clinic is closing early due to bad weather? Want to keep patients in the loop regarding appointment times? Want to simply send a patient a direct message? Instant push notifications and private messaging features allow your center to deliver information in a fast, HIPPA-compliant manner. Our app also features event notifications where you can keep your patients connected to many local community resources, including job fairs, dental clinics and financial counseling.

Key Features

HIPAA Compliant
Patient Messaging
EMR Integration
Peer Support Network
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