How to Stay Connected to Families During the Admission Process

Family members play a crucial role in the recovery of their loved one. They’re involved in all phases of the treatment process, from identifying programs through post-treatment support. The process of admission to substance abuse treatment can oftentimes be confusing, overwhelming, lonely and intimidating. Families have so many choices when it comes to choosing the right facility for their loved one; therefore, treatment facilities must position themselves as a trustworthy program and industry leader.

The CaredFor admissions app has several features that help connect family members during the admission process to a community of other family members going through the same process. Our “Ask an Expert” section of the app includes answers to frequently asked questions about the admission and treatment processes. Admins of the app can also facilitate conversations via “conversation starters” to engage family members. The SOS/Contact Us button is a way for family members to feel connected to a facility by providing immediate contact to a dedicated admissions line. The HIPPA-compliant private messaging feature allows families to ask more personal or private questions to the facility.

“Engaging family members and providing immediate value to them is critical.”

When families connect with a treatment program they are invited to join the app via SMS, or text message, which triggers them to begin receiving a cadence of content with carefully curated messages of hope, encouragement, tips and resources, along with prompts to download the app. Family members can choose to download the app to connect and engage with a broader community or they can continue to receive text messages aimed at nurturing the relationship between the family member and the treatment center.

Engaging family members and providing immediate value to them is critical. Families need support from the first moment they reach out for help, throughout the treatment process and beyond. When making an informed decision about where and how to get a loved one into treatment, families can often feel a sense of urgency. A treatment program may not have immediate availability or the family’s loved one may not be ready to go to treatment. The app can serve as a way to help family members feel like they are making progress, engaging in the treatment process and learning about substance use disorders during a time when other factors are out of their control.

In addition to helping substance use programs OR treatment centers provide support to families, CaredFor also offers solutions for treatment centers, large employers, and insurance companies. For more information about CaredFor or to request a demo, call us today at 615.270.1564. Discover a new way to care for your alumni with CaredFor!

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