Contributor Role For 3rd Party Vendors

Many of our clients use third-parties to curate marketing materials and often want those vendors to have access to upload said content to the app. The Contributor Role was created with this in mind. Contributors can post content on behalf of a facility but cannot view any patient identifying information, including posts by app users…


Telehealth sessions and educational webinars are often a reimbursable event. These sessions can be scheduled and facilitated inside the app without app users needing any additional technology on their phones. Post-session, admins can easily download a .csv file with each instance listed – making billing a breeze.

Healing Milestone

We value creating an inclusive app experience for family members and programs where “recovery” specific language doesn’t resonate. It’s why we created the Healing Milestone. This option track progress in terms of “I’ve been healing since…” and celebrates anniversaries less frequently than the recovery milestone.