When you leave an addiction treatment facility, one of your first orders of business is returning to an everyday routine. Typically, this routine involves returning to your career. For corporations, having a large employers employee assistance program app offers your team a support network as they return to their lives.

About Our Large Employers Employee Assistance Program App

CaredFor is a platform that encompasses the community aspects of a social media platform with analytics and insights capabilities. Through CaredFor, current patients and alumni can interact through events, groups, and private messages. This creates a dynamic recovery community that individuals can rely on once returning to the workforce.

Benefits for Employees

Returning to work after addiction treatment can be extremely emotionally taxing. In fact, work may even be a trigger for those struggling with addiction. With this large employers employee assistance program app, individuals never have to feel alone. Instead of turning to substance abuse, employees can find others who are or have returned to the workforce.

Additionally, instead of unwinding with alcohol or another substance after a long work week, CaredFor promotes events and meet-ups for those in the group. Since CaredFor is a secure, invite-only platform, only those in their recovery community will be able to attend. This way, employees can feel safe knowing that they’ll be meeting with others who understand their situation. Furthermore, for more high-profile individuals, CaredFor’s secure, HIPAA-compliant app ensures their privacy.

“With this large employers employee assistance program app, individuals never have to feel alone.”

Benefits for Employers

Employers always want to make sure that their employees are doing well. It’s also understandable to want your employees in recovery to prevent relapse. However, this may seem difficult as up to 60% of individuals relapse within the first year. The CaredFor employee assistance program app for large corporations gives employers that peace of mind.

Instead of employers worrying about their employees’ wellbeing and if they’re at risk for relapse, the CaredFor app takes care of that for them. Employees are always in contact with their treatment provider through the app. Therefore, if an employee seems to be at risk for relapse, the treatment provider can jump in before that happens.

Employers can also feel confident knowing that their employees aren’t alone. In a large corporation, it can be hard to provide individual attention and care to employees who need it. The CaredFor platform ensures that everyone has someone, so no one is ever alone or without help.

Connect Your Company with CaredFor

If you have employees in recovery who need support, then turn to the professionals at CaredFor. Our platform and large employers employee assistance program app not only helps employers, but it can also save the lives of individual employees. Others who can benefit from the CaredFor App include:

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