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CaredFor helps addiction treatment centers create lasting relationships with their alumni, leading to improved outcomes and increased referrals.

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Improve Outcomes

Peer support for long-term sobriety.

Your alumni are looking for ways to connect with each other to share stories, tips, strategies and successes. CaredFor provides that platform for peer support, leading to long term sobriety.

Engage your alumni with personalized content, discussions, and calls-to-action to help promote community and support recovery.

Build Awareness

Your reach just got a lot bigger.

CaredFor is 100% branded as your facility.  As alumni and family members engage with the platform, your treatment center stays top of mind.

Increase Referrals

Tap the potential of alumni ambassadors.

Alumni want to be your ambassadors. Give them the tools to make it easy to leave reviews, give testimonials, talk with potential clients, and make referrals for friends or loved ones.

Track Engagement

Insight at your fingertips.

Our Engagement Analytics allows you to see how active and engaged your alumni are.  Instantly see how often your alumni are using the tool, what types of content are most popular, identify alumni champions, highlight alumni who might be at risk of relapse, and more.

What People Are Saying

Community is what keeps our alumni connected, CaredFor is the answer for us.

- Beau Malatesta - Ashley Addiction

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