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department supported Aftercare

Alumni programs are the best reflection of a treatment program and the success it achieves. By supporting long-term outcomes, they extend the value of the program beyond their days as active patients. Moreover, alumni programs maintain a trusted relationship for when additional treatment support is needed but they also give others a clearer peek into what recovery looks like. This creates high-conversion new prospects who already are predisposed to believe in recovery but also believe in your specific treatment program. CaredFor allows you to instantly graduate your alumni program to be an effective engagement and monitoring system. Your program is given a more direct channel to alumni that is HIPAA compliant and more reliable than social media, texting, or email marketing—and more efficient than phone calls alone. Nearly 80 percent had shared that CaredFor helps them in relapse prevention and 95 percent say that it helps them feel more connected.

PRIVATE MESSAGING Phil Hello! I have a question about the upcoming event. Dr. Wong Sure! How can I help? Phil Can I bring someone who may be interested in treatment? Dr. Wong Yes! This event is open to all. See you there!

department supported Marketing & Business Development

Marketing and business development have the distinct role of making the external world understand the differentiation of the program, its innovative approach, and the outcomes associated with it. CaredFor provides marketing and BD teams with a new way to communicate advancements in the delivery of care throughout the recovery journey and all levels of care. By messaging the comprehensive care provided through multiple delivery methods and having outcomes at their fingertips, we influence perspectives of the program to improve awareness and conversion.

department supported Clinical

Treatment is complex and time-consuming, with limited and expensive internal staff to deliver materials and engage patients. CaredFor helps to provide an additional channel to digest recovery concepts. By providing a diverse set of touchpoints to the patient in addition to human and printed delivery, we can add more interactive learning that is always accessible to them. A more engaged patient is a more successful patient – and CaredFor provides an efficient way to immerse to reduce attrition. Sixty-four percent say that CaredFor helps reduce their levels of anxiety and 90 percent agree that the platform helps support them in their recovery. These influences can be critical in supporting clinical departments in relapse prevention and overall outcomes.

say that the app is an important part of their routine

department supported Fundraising

For nonprofit organizations, CaredFor can play a significant fundraising role. The platform helps maintain strong relationships that reinforce the continued support the program provides. This helps maintain the strong association between their personal success and the program. Solicitation in giving campaigns is improved through a direct online channel that exists solely between program and user—uncluttered by the noise of surrounding direct mail, email, or posts in a social feed. CaredFor is also producing new advanced ways to create giving campaigns that are integrated with other fundraising platforms and timed to individual milestones. This allows for mutual benefit, raising money to continue the mission of helping them and others beginning their recovery journey.

department supported Admissions

Conversion is key to building census. It is always more expensive to add a higher volume of calls through campaigns at the top of the funnel. Fielding those calls is expensive as well. CaredFor helps to increase conversion of existing calls by giving a new tool to admissions staff before getting off the phone with a patient prospect. Call centers can offer an instance of the platform that is focused on self-observation and messaging the benefits of your program’s approach to starting a new life in healthy recovery. Prospects for admissions then have time to better understand and build a connection and then click a prominent call-to-action button that allows them to make a call directly to the admissions department.

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