Lead generation for treatment programs is often a high priority. As a treatment center, your goals involve helping your clients as much as you can and reaching out to as many people as possible. What if there was a way to do both at once? The CaredFor platform may be your solution.

Alumni as Champions

One of the best methods for lead generation for treatment programs is through alumni referral. In fact, alumni marketing is one of the cheapest, but underused, forms of marketing for treatment facilities. Programs that effectively utilize alumni lead generation have had over 15% of their censuses filled from alumni referrals. Therefore, the overall cost per admission is lower.

It can be difficult to reach new clients, especially if it’s hard for them to admit that they have a problem. Alumni that are active in the CaredFor platform are likely to be champions in and out of the app. Therefore, they can encourage others to reach out for help and seek treatment at your facility.

Furthermore, lead generation for treatment programs at your facility is more likely if the recommendation is coming from someone who has gone through your programs. It may be difficult for potential clients to trust your facility without any first-hand knowledge. Alumni champions can vouch for their experience and encourage these individuals to reach out.

“Alumni that are active in the CaredFor platform are likely to be champions in and out of the app.”

Identifying At-Risk Clientele

In addition to identifying active alumni champions, our addiction treatment centers lead generation app can also distinguish at-risk clients. These may be clients who are less active in the app or are expressing signs that they may need additional treatment. CaredFor uses comprehensive user engagement and activity data to identify these individuals.

CaredFor gives treatment facilities the tools they need to support their clients. Whether this means encouraging them to return to the treatment center or pairing them up with additional support, the CaredFor platform helps you support your clients long after they leave your facility

Lead Generation for Treatment Programs with CaredFor

If your facility is looking to increase lead generation for treatment programs while also maintaining relationships with current and past patients, then CaredFor can help. Our cutting-edge platform offers solutions for patients, alumni, treatment centers, and families.

In today’s culture, the easiest way for people to connect is through social media. Why not make connecting with peers and staying mindful of recovery an everyday part of your clients’ routines? The CaredFor platform is secure, accessible, and easy-to-use, making it simple to integrate into your alumni community’s normal social media habits.

To learn more about CaredFor and our outcome studies, call us today at 615.270.1564 or request a demo. Discover a new way to engage your clients and generate leads with CaredFor now.

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