Your treatment facility offers support for individuals from all kinds of backgrounds. In some cases, your clients may undergo medication assisted treatment for severe addictions. These are often the individuals who need the most support during treatment and recovery. Our medication assisted treatment app, CaredFor, can help facilitate that support and ensure a lasting recovery.

About CaredFor

CaredFor is a digital platform and app that gives treatment facilities and patients a new way to engage. Similar to other social media apps, CaredFor includes private messaging, events calendars, and content libraries for users to enjoy. For treatment facilities, it provides insights on user activity and engagement.

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However, unlike other social media platforms, CaredFor is HIPAA-compliant and branded with your facility’s content. Therefore, when clients engage with the CaredFor app, your treatment center is always at the front of their mind.

As a medication assisted treatment app, the CaredFor platform also helps facilities forgo the frustrating buildup of unopened emails and missed phone calls when trying to engage patients and alumni. Instead, CaredFor can push out updates about the facility, such as inclement weather closings, invitations to events, and other news. Ensure that your clients are always up to date by using our medication assisted treatment application.

Benefits of a Medication Assisted Treatment App

woman using a medication assisted treatment appFor those who required medication assisted treatment during rehab, it’s likely that they have a severe addiction. These types of addictions need strong support systems to guide them after leaving treatment. However, some individuals aren’t as inclined to engage with their recovery communities after treatment. CaredFor helps bridge the gap between rehab and recovery. For clients, CaredFor is as easy to use as any other social media application.

On the other hand, CaredFor offers insightful data for medication assisted treatment centers. It helps you identify alumni champions and at-risk clients. This way, you can get to clients before they relapse and give them the support they need. Alumni champions in your network can also support others and increase referrals for your facility.

Long-Term Recovery for Patients and Families

Support is necessary for long-term recovery from addiction. Traditionally, this support comes from sponsors, friends, and family members. However, loved ones may not always be able to connect or understand patients in the ways they need. Therefore, families can trust that the CaredFor medication assisted treatment app can fill in the gaps and provide support in spaces where loved ones cannot.

Furthermore, for those who do not have a reliable support network to return to after treatment, they can find one in their facility’s CaredFor community.

The Platform Your Medication Assisted Treatment Centers Need

If you’re looking for a medication assisted treatment application that can support your clients regardless of their condition, then look no further than CaredFor. In addition to medication assisted treatment centers, our innovative platform also offers benefits for outpatient treatment and residential treatment centers.

To learn more about CaredFor or to request a demo, call us at 615.270.1564.

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Schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our team members to hear more about how CaredFor can meet your needs.