Keeping Engaged with your Outpatient Treatment

Many outpatient programs struggle with keeping their patients engaged in treatment over the long term.  It is common for outpatient programs to see 30% or more of their patients drop out of treatment during the first few months.  CaredFor helps your outpatient program to increase retention, improve outcomes and enhance the overall patient experience.

Studies have shown that patients who have a strong therapeutic alliance with their clinical team stay in treatment longer and have better outcomes.  Creating a strong alliance takes longer with outpatient programs, because clients are not in treatment everyday.  To build the relationship, programs need ways to stay connected and engaged with clients between visits.  CaredFor provides community, content and clinical tools so you can better support your patients.  With CaredFor you can amplify your reach outside of the 4 walls of your program.

“CaredFor helps your outpatient program to increase retention, improve outcomes and enhance the overall patient experience.”

Patients need a powerful and supportive community to celebrate success and to share struggles. With CaredFor, your patients can share hope, inspiration and support each other even while they are not in session.

CaredFor Outpatient Features

Clinical staff members appreciate the time saving features built into the app, allowing them to send messages to their patient population and sharing assignments about what will be covered during the next session.  The survey features built into the app make it easy to learn more about patients and to better understand their overall experience.  Programs can use the data as part of the Feedback Informed Treatment process and to reach out to patients who might be at risk.

Patients have several choices about where they receive care and the overall patient experience is critical in improving retention.  Providing patients a branded engagement app, shows that your program is investing in tools to support patients over the long term.  Patients may drop out of treatment but if they have your app you will always be able to nurture the relationship and let them know they are always welcome back.

Key Features

Appointment Reminders
Customized Content
Outcomes Surveys
HIPAA Compliant Messaging
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