How Will My Patients Use the Residential Treatment App?

CaredFor helps residential treatment centers to improve outcomes, increase referrals, collect outcomes data and build brand awareness.

Our alumni engagement app for residential treatment centers is a private, HIPPA compliant platform that is branded as your treatment program.  When alumni leave your program they may feel alone, isolated and ignored.  CaredFor provides the support, encouragement and resources needed in early recovery to improve outcomes.

Payers and accreditation bodies are requiring that treatment programs begin to collect outcomes data, this can be accomplished through the engagement app.  Programs have the ability to create customized surveys and standard assessments and prompt their alumni to participate.  All of the results are available for you to view and download, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your alumni while complying with CARF, JCO and others.

Increase Alumni Referrals

Treatment programs expect that 25%- 30% of their admits will come through alumni referrals.  Alumni referrals are one of the most cost effective and high quality patient acquisition channels. Since the engagement app is branded as your program, your name and brand promise stays top of mind with your alumni. Providing the app to your alumni, shows you care and are investing in supporting them post treatment. Alumni are much more likely to refer a friend or family member if they had a good experience in treatment and are emotionally engaged with the program.

“Treatment programs expect that 25%- 30% of their admits will come through alumni referrals.”

Track and Celebrate Progress Through Our Residential Treatment App

The patients at your residential treatment centers will use the app to celebrate progress, track their recovery, and get peer support. Our app also allows for patients to private message your center, and vice versa. Additionally, our residential treatment center alumni application provides resources specific to what your patients and alumni are going through such as videos, books, podcasts, and articles around recovery.

Alumni use the CaredFor engagement app on average 6-8 times per month and spend over 30 minutes each month engaging with your treatment program.  Having this type of sustained engagement makes a positive impact on the lives of your alumni, creates brand ambassadors and increases awareness for your program.

A core aspect of CaredFor is that there are benefits for every user of our platform. From clients and their families to residential treatment centers, there’s something for everyone. Outpatient treatment centers, large employers, and insurance companies also reap benefits from the CaredFor app.

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