Patient Engagement Challenges with Telehealth

Telehealth continues to be a solution for providers as they innovate to meet patients where they are and provide services that are in demand. The move to telehealth is more complex than just hosting groups and 1:1 meetings online. It will cause providers to rethink how they interact and engage with patients in this new virtual setting. Patient engagement has never been more important and more challenging to execute.

With virtual levels of care it may be more difficult to build and maintain relationships between patients and providers. Patients may be distracted and not fully present during hours-long group sessions. This will lead to patients missing sessions and create compliance issues with payers. The overall patient experience and journey will need to be re-imagined to align with the realities of virtual treatment. Providers who identify and meet these challenges head on will thrive.

“CaredFor provides a another layer of engagement with your patients that helps you reduce attrition, improve outcomes and enhance the patient experience”

CaredFor Telehealth Companion App

CaredFor is a patient engagement app that is branded as your treatment program. It allows you to stay connected and engaged with patients between virtual sessions and provide support and resources when they are needed most. With CaredFor you can stay top of mind with your patients which is key in providing a patient centered experience and reducing attrition. Over time CaredFor helps you to re-engage patients who have dropped out of treatment and provides a powerful referral tool to drive census.

Key Features

Appointment Reminders
Customized Content
Outcomes Surveys
HIPAA Compliant Messaging
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