Addiction recovery doesn’t end when an individual leaves a treatment facility. In fact, the real work of recovery begins after the fact. Without the structure of a treatment center, many people struggle to maintain sobriety on their own. For insurance companies, this means repeated admissions to rehab. Luckily, CaredFor offers insurance companies outcome tracking to help them track the success of a treatment facility.

About Insurance Companies Outcome Tracking

When insurance providers accept claims for addiction treatment centers, they want to make sure that the treatment will last. Otherwise, the individual will have to return to the facility multiple times for treatment, meaning more money for the insurance provider. Of course, insurance providers want to ensure that the treatment their clients receive lasts. However, they need more than just treatment to accomplish that.

Since the bulk of recovery begins after leaving treatment, clients need ongoing support to maintain their progress. CaredFor is a HIPAA-compliant social networking platform where people in recovery can connect. They can also communicate directly with the treatment provider to stay up to date on events, or even reach out for help.

This connection to others can help those in recovery maintain sobriety, severely reducing the risk for relapse.

Measuring Success Through CaredFor

Although CaredFor supports a community seeking to prevent relapse, what are the real numbers of insurance companies outcome tracking? CaredFor tracks copious amounts of user data, from user logins to engagement. This way, treatment centers can readily provide hard numbers on their patient outcomes and success with the platform.

Treatment centers that use the CaredFor app and have high patient outcome success will be better able to work with insurance companies. Therefore, more individuals will have access to the financial support they need for recovery and the CaredFor community for that facility can continue to grow. Without this information, treatment centers would not be able to make cases for treatment facilities, and which would lower patient admissions overall.

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CaredFor offers new ways for treatment facilities to engage, influence, and connect with their clients. Additionally, CaredFor offers the data and statistics that treatment centers need to work with insurance providers. Without insurance companies outcome tracking, treatment centers would not be able to secure insurance coverage for their residents, making recovery a pipedream for many.

The CaredFor platform offers benefits to everyone who engages with it. From residential treatment centers to families, everyone involved in the platform reaps the rewards. Whether it’s peace of mind about a loved one’s support system or the discovery of alumni champions in your organization’s network, CaredFor offers support and solutions for all.

Discover a new way to grow your recovery community and engage your alumni. To learn more about the CaredFor platform, call us at 615.270.1564 or request a demo today.

“Treatment centers that use the CaredFor app and have high patient outcome success will be better able to work with insurance companies.”

What Does Long-term Use Look Like in the App?

First of all, your users are never excluded from this app. They can use it for however long they want to use it. Since the risk of relapse is so high in the first 12 months, having a residential treatment alumni application like this can provide support. Furthermore, as your patients and alumni establish healthier patterns and routines in their everyday lives, naturally they will use the app less frequently. However, they will still receive event notifications, updates from their provider, et cetera.

CaredFor for Residential Treatment Centers

For people in residential treatment centers, we want these users in the app regularly. We also want them to use it often for the 90-120 days when they are the most vulnerable. After this period, it’s natural that some users may use the app less frequently as they become more independent and ingrained back into their post-treatment lives.

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A core aspect of CaredFor is that there are benefits for every user of our platform. From clients and their families to residential treatment centers, there’s something for everyone. Outpatient treatment centers, large employers, and insurance companies also reap benefits from the CaredFor app.

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